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We are dedicated to providing quality service for all your automotive repair needs.

Here At Advanced Auto Repair, Inc. all employees are dedicated to our industry as well as to superior customer service. While we provide a vast range of services, everything starts with the basics. Communication is the key to customer satisfaction and a commitment to service means we will do what it takes to meet your vehicle needs. Never hesitate to call or ask that question about your vehicle or service that been bugging you. We are here for you.



  We offer Complete vehicle repair and -maintenance are just a few of the services we offer. Please feel free to ask questions about your vehicle and it's needs. We will always try to explain any vehicle related questions or issues.

   The services listed to the right are just of few of the services we provide. We also perform many other services including, Evap. Emission diagnostic, Exhaust system diagnostic and Upgrades, Timing Belt Replacement, inoperative window repairs, broken door handles. This list is endless - Call TODAY


Check engine light Diagnostic

Using the latest computers and software, we run a complete diagnostic scan to pinpoint issues or problems.

Oil and filter


Change oil and Filter, Top All Fluids, Set Tire Pressure, Courtesy Safety Inspection to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Conventional oil or Synthetic Oil available

Auto air conditioning Tuneup or Repair

We perform regular Ac tuneup Service which includes: Check Ac compressor operation, Check Freon Levels, Check Blower Operation as well as control panel functions. We check condition of belt and all electronics related to your AC system.

Radiator Test and Flush service

We perform a pressure test on your cooling system and diagnose any Leaks. If requested we perform a Flush and Fill service on cooling system. Replacing old and worn fluid, Clean and fill with new antifreeze insuring long lasting protection.

Car electrical repair

This service is meant to diagnose those weird electrical issues, lights that won't go off, door chime that beeps, etc.Our Technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose and repair those issues.

Fuel System Service 

We perform a fuel pressure test to determine if your vehicle is running as designed. We perform state of the Art Fuel Injection system cleaning solutions as well as replacing Fuel Filters (where applicable). Allow us to optimize your vehicle performance today.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every vehicle manufacturer has a service table to ensure long lasting performance for their vehicle. Using the latest data we can follow and perform all services required by the manufacturer

Brake system


Have your brakes serviced regularly to ensure safe and continued operation. We perform all brake services. Using only the highest quality parts we can guaranty your vehicle stops as intended.

Tire and wheel service

Advanced Auto repair, Inc. sells and installs most major brands of tires. Many SIZES available same day. Using the newest and latest equipment to install your tires means a high quality job in the best time possible. 

Car tune-up service

Here At Advanced Auto repair, Inc.,  we take pride in keeping your vehicle in Top running condition. Using only Original Equipment Tuneup Parts we make sure you get the best performance and gas mileage. 


We Can Handle Any Kind of

Auto Repair Needs!


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